New City Game

The reason I have to start over is because this is a free game that only provides you one file. You can only have one city at a time in this game.

In order to start a new city, you go into settings, which is that gear icon in the upper right area.

It will give you this long menu. One of the options is "New Game."

It will then ask if you are sure. This is so you don't accidentally destroy a city without meaning to.

If you confirm that you really want to destroy your current city and start over, the game reboots and takes you back to the opening screen that you see every time you start the game.

Click "play" and it will take you to a new city on clean terrain.

The land is always the same, except for the fact that the boulders aren't fixed. In fact, boulders periodically sprout from the ground like new weeds. Removing them is one of the activities that helps you convert cash to gems.