GOW: Upping My Game

I'm playing Gems of War while convalescing. This is just a quick post to help me get into the habit of blogging about my games.

Below is a screenshot of what needs to happen to get to the next level on Sword's Edge. One of the things I need to do is raise a bunch of troops to level 20.

I can't do that right now. I have plenty of souls to pay for it, but I need to Ascend a bunch of troops first.

The Crypt Keepers faction corresponds to Sword's Edge and has four troops, all below level 20. So I'm going to spend all my Chaos Shards at the Crypt Keeper faction until they are maxed out.

To my mind, leveling up kingdoms is part of what makes this a civilization building game, so I like doing that. In practical game terms, it gives you more stuff and that's a good thing.