Game Chores

Here lately, I have been playing games less. I have a serious medical condition and I tend to play a lot when I'm in pain and throwing up and trying to keep myself harmlessly occupied.

These days, I'm generally less miserable and, overall, I spend less time playing games.

In recent months, my main game has been Gems of War. Gems of war has a lot of little recurring events to try to keep you hooked, I guess.

When I was sicker and spending a lot of time playing Gems of War, I appreciated these various tasks and recurring events and looked forward to seeing what was available to do today.

But as my health gradually improves and I spend less time playing, I have begun to increasingly think of them as Game Chores.

Because they all have a time limit on when you can do them at all and each provides unique resources that you need to develop your kingdoms and improve your troops and so forth, I try to check in at least once a day, if only briefly. I increasingly cannot get to all of the time limited little events. I end up "leaving loot on the table" so to speak because I simply don't spend enough time in game anymore.

So, I try to prioritize and do the ones that are most important to me. And some are less time sensitive than others, which influences what gets done.

Guild Events often last a week. I checked in today and realized a thing had started yesterday. It's a Raid Boss, which means I need to complete ten battles before I can claim any of the rewards that my other guild members have been so diligently earning for all of us. So I have to put in a smidgen of work to get the piles of freebies.

I find it annoying to have to create a new team and you always have to create a new team for a Raid Boss. Some events let you use persistent teams from previous events, but not this one. When I don't feel well, putting together a team is sometimes a huge psychological hurdle that I can't get past.

That was my initial gut reaction here: Ugh. I don't want to create a team.

But I got a new troop and was able to level it and trait it up to max and it was a key thing I needed for my team. So this helped jump start me making a team and I did my ten battles and unlocked my free rewards.

I also attempt to do the three dungeon battles every day because Celestial Traitstones are a serious bottleneck in my development. I can never get enough of them and this helps with that.

There are a few other things that sometimes I get to and sometimes I don't.