Lily's Garden

I downloaded this the other day and played for a while, then uninstalled it. It's basically a Gardenscapes clone with a female protagonist.

They do switch up the graphics and the details of the "match 3" type component of the game. That was interesting enough to keep me around for a few hours while convalescing and intermittently drifting off to nap.

I ultimately quit in part because I don't really like the plot to these games. They posit an inheritance of a large estate with very run down gardens. The inheritance part justifies how you have the time and money to spend on rehabbing a very run down and very large garden.

This one borrowed a plot point from "Brewster's Millions" to further justify an overall ridiculous overarching plot: You have thirty days to rehabilitate the gardens or lose your inheritance.

The interesting puzzles are worth checking out and if my life were different, I might have kept it for a few weeks or months and played it. It's not a bad game, though after a while these games tend to jump the shark and doing things so out there and ridiculous that I can't hang with it.

Honescapes is a related game. It stars the same butler as Gardenscapes, only he's gone home to visit his parents and is fixing up the family home to convince his parents to not sell his childhood home.  

Nevermind the detail that there is no inheritance to explain away why you have nothing but time on your hands and money to burn, here 

1. The butler returns home and his childhood bedroom is preserved intact with sheets draped over everything. Nothing creepy or weird about that, nooo.

2. Mom gets on a cooking show which is filmed in her kitchen that you've just redone. She makes a cake many times larger than her oven.

3. You go to turn on Mom's fav cooking show (see above) and when the TV won't work, you have a new one helicoptered in and hooked up fast enough to see the show that was about to start. Yeah, no. Not even with a Best Buy with helicopters on standby in case of an entertainment emergency.

4. The mansion you inherit in Gardenscapes is some dinky little postage stamp in the middle of endless gardens. The same butler goes home to his parents' house in Homescapes which looks at first glance like a house in the burbs but turns out to be about the size of Buckingham Palace. Kind of like a house version of a clown car.

5. It also has shades of Lovecraftian stuff where you keep randomly adding on to a house with no rhyme or reason to starve off a curse. This element in part grows out of the fact that as you complete each room makeover, it unlocks a nee room. It's a game mechanic that psychologically goes bizarre places.

6. That same game mechanic means the game is "on rails." You can't skip areas or pick and choose what you want to do. 

This ultimately is why I quit when I found myself out in the fucking garden of Homescapes with no fucking end in sight. If I wanted to garden, I could have kept playing Gardenscapes. 

I wanted to rearrange furniture via game imagery because I was newly back in housing after years of homelessness. I was okay for a time with the ridiculousness of the game until it stopped letting me rearrange furniture and had me back in the fucking garden with no hope of escape.

So I have baggage over both Gardenscapes and Homescapes. This helped me decide to throw in the towel quickly on Lily's Garden before it could have a chance of polluting my mental space too much.