Oil Rig Goal

I replaced my phone yesterday. The battery was apparently swelling and it needed to go. 

I find myself logging into Gems of War and it's walking me through new tutorials and I'm not excited about trying to play it, nor trying to figure out how to get my progress back. So I'm trying to play my word salad city building game instead. (City Village Island Sim?)

It was wiped too. I had a small started city complicated months ago and zillions of dollars to spend and never got around to it and that's been wiped by switching phones.

Back in something like May, I managed to do something I've wanted to do for years: Get enough people and enough happiness fit into two tracts of land to build an oil rig in the water. I partially documented it, but failed to do a write up.

It's a challenge in part because the oil rig is like 90 jobs. You need a bunch of people for that. People need happiness structures. 

On October first, I posted the screenshots with a completely inaccurate title describing it as being about fitting 100 people and jobs into a tiny footprint. It sounds really idiotic because I had already done at least one post about fitting 100 people and jobs into the first tract of land.

Der. Messed that up big time and look foolish.

I'm guessing it was really 150 jobs and people in two tracts of land. I'm not sure though.

Some challenges in the early game:

You mostly have to build stuff to get experience. You don't get experience for upgrades or speed-ups or laying roads. You do get some experience for collecting funds and for clicking on little bubbles associated with cars.

Experience is necessary to go up in level. New buildings get unlocked as you go up in level.

So you need to place buildings to unlock stuff, but if you have lifty ambitions, you also want to be picky about what you build. This pickiness directly conflicts with the need to get experience to open levels to get at the buildings that serve your goal.0

You get a lot of little rewards in the early game for hitting various milestones. If you time it right, this can help you keep building. 

I'm convalescing a bit today from the damaged phone giving off fumes for at least a week before we replaced it. I'm trying to figure out how to recreate my only partially documented success that was completely mistitled months after the fact when I finally published it.

I already know how to do 100 jobs and people in the first tract of land. That's easy, peasy at this point.

I'm revisiting the partial post try to figure out how to start the process, but it's missing a lot of info. Ugh.