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Big Farm and Economic Development Modeling

I began playing Big Farm Mobile Harvest maybe back in December of last year. It is sort of like a farming version of a city-building game, but it's a bit more economic-development oriented than city-building games tend to be. I've been playing it a lot. It's been my main game in recent months. Most city-building games are mostly about creating a built environment and taxes are your main source of income. This game is much more like a business model of revenue generation where you need certain inputs to get certain outputs, plus you need to manage schedules, having enough people available, etc. I need fields to grow plants that get turned into animal feed so I can produce value-added products. There's a market where I sell this stuff for not only money but also special items (nails, bricks, boards, books, etc) needed to do other things. There's a lot of juggling involved to try to arrange to keep things flowing smoothly so you have enough resources to keep

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